Cartier Ballon Blanc Replica Watches China For Discount

‘Ballon’, a French word translated means ‘ball’. The word however is used in various muses and brands more as a representation of ’roundness’ or a circular motion. It accurately depicts the circular shape and double convex of the watch perfectly. ‘Blanc’ simply means ‘white’ and in the context of this exquisite timepiece by the brilliance of Newest Top Quality Cartier Replica, it relates to the brilliance of the solitaire diamond set at 4 o’clock on the watch.

Cartier Ballon Blanc is available in 4 wonderful models :

Rose gold and set diamond with leather strap
Rose gold with a leather strap
Rose gold and set diamond with diamond set gold bracelet
Rose gold and set diamond with rose gold bracelet

It is also available in 26mm and 30mm for the leather strap Cartier Replica Store, whilst there is a smaller size for the rose gold bracelet model (24mm). This watch is not meant for those who require a large attention-grabbing timepiece but for ladies who quietly, but gracefully want to exude an essence of class and brilliance. The flow of the set diamonds circling the diamonds is truly a visual masterpiece.


The design and quality of a dial can make or break the opulence of a luxury timepiece.The leather strap models come with a silvered sunray-brushed analog dial and silver Roman numeral numbering.These features are bound to help achieve great readability when out and about.

The gold and gold-diamond set models come with a mother-of-pearl flinqué finish dial and swaps gold with blue-steeled sword-shaped hands, whilst the Cartier Replica Buy Now numeral numbering is black. Although the choice in dial design does not differ much, both styles work effectively well and the subtle differences are noticeable to those with sharp eyes.


All cases for the various models are made out of polished 18K rose gold. This colour and material, often linked with luxury and premium goods, is known to blend effortless whatever the occasion or outfit.My favourite model of the Ballon Blanc, also has brilliant-cut set diamonds around the fixed-bezel case, creating a ’round table’ formation of sort, leading up to the master diamond.

An impressive mention for the set-up of this case, is the cleverly disguised push/pull crown behind the round diamond. I personally like this touch as a crown sticking out of the side of the case would have upset the natural ‘ballon’ curvature of the piece.As expected, the Best Quality Cartier Replica Watches For Sale case encloses the scratch resistant sapphire crystal glass covering the dial with all models also coming with a solid rose gold caseback.


With the small sizes available and a thickness of only 7.5mm or 8.4mm, this light timepiece is certainly light and comfortable on the wrist. The leather model strap is made from glossy black alligator skin, whilst the rose gold bracelet Perfect Cartier Replica with 80% Discount works wonderfully with the interwoven balls of gold. More impressively, the top-range model has diamonds set on each individual section on the bracelet. This lets you know the level of intricacy and fine-design taken when creating this timepiece.

Although this is expected due to the small size of the watch, the love-hate relationship with quartz movements cannot be understated for some watch lovers. The Cartier First Copy Watches does somewhat make up for this by providing water-resistance for up to 30 metres and a 2 year warranty as standard (which can be extended to 8 years).