Cheap fake Drive De Cartier Moon Phases watches – Elegant and Balanced

Cartier replica watches launched a watch that I think is very popular (which is certainly very personalized), namely Drive DE Cartier Extra Flat. Slender, delicate, elegant, perfectly proportioned, with a beautiful engine However, the watch may be a problem for some. The obvious reason: its price. It has only gold to choose from. Then, it might be too clean, too simple for some people. In addition to the existing models (time and date and dual time), Cartier also introduced the Moon Phases version of Drive, which led to many of these arguments being resolved.

Version with no Moon Phases about drama, because still exist, the basis of Drive series but this new iteration to get the balance and symmetry, which could in the other two missing on the standard version, date and time as well as the double time. For example, the time and date versions must handle three date Windows, which affect the symmetry of the table. Double time, its big date, retrograde second time zone indicator and day and night window will please some, others will not like its busy and deliberately unbalanced dial. The fake Drive De Cartier Moon phase watches adopted perfect balance and symmetrical dial to solve this problem.

In this case, there is no evolution. The Moon Phases version is attached to a 40mm padded box. This time made of steel – and there are also 18k rose gold – the height is 12.15mm, which means it won’t be a thin wrist watch. However, like cheap replica Cartier watches, the case is designed to be both comfortable and thinner than paper, with the case relatively thin – thick – on the bottom of the dome. The short, curved ear helps position the watch on the wrist, which is more elegant and chic than expected.

In dial-up, we’ve noticed some evolution, driven, of course, by the implementation of new complex functions. Instead of a small second hand is now a lunar indicator, with classic blue and gold moon plates. There are no more seconds and no date Windows, which means the Drive De Cartier Moon Phases benefit from a perfectly balanced dial that is symmetrical on the 12-6 axis. In addition, the moon’s complex function adds a touch of poetry to the Luxury Cartier Replica Watches UK, and the lack of a second hand makes it a voluntary jogger. The dial retains Cartier’s characteristics: the center is decorated with corrugated, twisted cord patterns, large black Roman numerals (seven with secret signatures) and blue Pointers.

In the case of Drive De Cartier replica watches, the Moon Phases are the same as other series, which means that the automatic Calibre 1904 MC is an internal development and manufacturing core. The famous engine was the first core made entirely from within Cartier. Shared with athletic Caliber DE Cartier. It USES a mid-range core, has excellent surface treatment (compared with the entry-level 1847 MC), and uses a double-wound box, which improves accuracy and 48 hours of power storage.