Calibre de Cartier Chronograph W7100042 swiss movement replica watches

In 2010, Cartier launched the Calibre DE Cartier replica watch series, which used the new internal movement, 1904 MC. This move is consistent with their strategy of strengthening manufacturers’ position, not just relying on quartz or improved ETA calibre as their timing. The Calibre DE Cartier watch USES a round case and some Roman numerals on the dial. Watches include time and date functions. Three years later, in 2013, Cartier’s home expanded the series by adding Calibre DE Cartier chronometer models – just as we see here.

The Calibre DE Cartier chronometer W7100042 is a two-color version of the Cartier sports wrist watch, mixed with stainless steel and 18k rose gold. The 42mm case is made of stainless steel and has a rose gold ring on the top, while the main stainless steel chain has pink and gold chain rings. The crown on the case is engraved not only with the face, but also with the logo of the blue gemstone best fake Cartier watches. The wing crown is located on both sides of the push rod to control the timing function.

The silver-plated opal dial is concentric toward the outer edge while the interior is smooth. The surround dial is an interesting combination of seven Roman numerals and five rectangular indexes. The steel sword pointer is made of black oxidized steel, with a luminous coating, easy to read in the dark. In addition, there are four plots of land in the outer orbit. At 6 o ‘clock we see a three-digit calendar window – yesterday, today and tomorrow. Finally, the central pointer is constructed by a pair of pink and gold registers.

Caliber DE Cartier chronometer was not only attractive but also technical. Flip the beautiful watch and we can see the automatic chain drive 1904-ch MC due to the sapphire cover. As mentioned earlier, Calibre DE Cartier is equipped with the Cartier core, which is completely internally located in the Swiss factory of La chaux-de-fonds. This must be the right direction for swiss movement Cartier replica watches. The company is not a serious watchmaker’s opponent (though Cartier has in fact been one of the best-selling watch brands).

The cylinder wheel of the 1904-ch MC ensures accurate and accurate coordination of the start/stop/restart function of the chronograph. In addition, its vertical clutch eliminates the vibration of the hands that bother the chronograph with the transverse clutch. In addition, the vertical clutch saves energy when the chronometer is used, thus contributing to the power reserve. The 1904-CH MC has a power reserve of 48 hours. In addition, the automatic core has a linear zero – reset hammer mechanism. This allows for seamless resetting of the chronometer regardless of the force used to press the button. Luxury Cartier replica watches watchmaker ensured the highest durability, accuracy and reliability of the 1904-ch MC.